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Marianna Olszewski wasn’t handed a life of prosperity, but she built one for herself often juggling three jobs to pay her way through school. She is now a money and life coach empowering women to create the life they really want. She’s the founder of Madison Financial Management LLC, a multi-million dollar financial marketing company. A popular speaker at conferences, Marianna is active in many charitable women’s organizations.

“It feels like a ‘best life’ episode of Oprah…”
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Does your heart race when your credit card bill arrives? Are you one flat tire or one emergency room visit away from financial ruin? If you think a secure financial future is out of reach, you’re wrong. Let Marianna Olszewski teach you how to love your money instead of running scared from it.

photo_mariannaMarianna didn’t start out rich, happy, and fabulous. A strapped-for-cash childhood motivated her to strive for abundance and financial independence—goals she exceeded by age thirty as a successful business owner and respected Wall Street player. Now Marianna reveals the lessons she learned on her own road to success and the savvy strategies of other amazing women. She shows how to let go of stress, break your bad money habits, take control of your finances, and finally achieve your goals and a happier, richer life.

You’ll learn to:

Say Yes to Yourself:Turn toward people and situations that enhance your life and well being, and away from those that don’t.  Until you start affirming your future through both thought and action, your efforts to improve your finances will fall flat.
Fall in Love with Your Money: Having a cavalier attitude toward money is part of the reason many of us find ourselves in a financial pickle. But when you treat your money with respect, keep track of it and spend and save it wisely your money will always love you back.
Act as If: If you think that change is impossible, think again. Start your transformation by acting as if you already are as successful, intelligent, and prosperous as you want to be.

Live It, Love It, Earn It is full of true stories of ordinary women who have overcome tough challenges, such as climbing the corporate ladder, getting out of debt, and changing jobs mid-career, to get the life they want. Marianna also shares insights from other successful women like designer Diane von Furstenberg; shoe mogul Tamara Mellon (of Jimmy Choo); fashion entrepreneur Tory Burch; the first woman to hold a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, Muriel Seibert; and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

Let Marianna give you the tools you need to create and maintain an abundant and fulfilling life.


Considered one of the most respected women on Wall Street

Marianna earned her money the old fashioned way – with hard work. She began as a New Jersey teenager juggling three jobs and today manages a financial business while living her life to the fullest.

A renowned motivational and financial speaker, Marianna regularly presents seminars for and delivers keynote addresses to women’s associations, universities, and national conferences. Marianna is founder and CEO of Madison Financial Management LLC a registered broker dealer and hedge fund marketing company. In a relatively short period of time and in her early thirties Marianna grew Madison into a multi-million dollar business. Prior to Madison, Marianna worked with a number of financial institutions, including IBM Pension Fund, Bloomberg Financial Markets and Paulson Partners LP. Marianna has an MBA in International Finance from Fordham University and a BS in Finance from Rutgers University.

As part of her mission, Marianna is involved with many women’s causes and serves on the board of a number of charitable organizations. Marianna is involved with Dress for Success, Girl’s Quest, Step-up Women’s Network and other organizations. With the launch of Live It, Love It, Earn It, Marianna will be donating a portion of her royalties to nonprofit organizations dedicated to empowering, educating and assisting women and girls.

Marianna is featured in the media including MSNBC, ABC, Fox & Friends, Fox News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Daily News, Philadelphia Weekly, The Huffington Post, Vogue, Women Entrepreneur, Glamour, Esquire, GQ. Marianna contributes as the Money Expert on Its Your Health and, the Money Expert on Mom Talk Radio and the Money Coach on

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